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  • V-14502 Specks of Rambutan COMING SOON V-14502
    Specks of Rambutan
  • V-24506 Lucid Hills Jade COMING SOON V-24506
    Lucid Hills Jade
  • V-2431 Spherical Buds Peach COMING SOON V-2431
    Spherical Buds Peach
  • V-2439 Mobius Stripe Warm COMING SOON V-2439
    Mobius Stripe Warm
  • V-143 Acropolis Columns Gilt COMING SOON V-143
    Acropolis Columns Gilt
  • V-40043 Twigged Path Starred COMING SOON V-40043
    Twigged Path Starred
  • V-40046 Canopy Shadows COMING SOON V-40046
    Canopy Shadows
  • V-3500 Central Park Breeze COMING SOON V-3500
    Central Park Breeze
  • V-4503 City Lights Night COMING SOON V-4503
    City Lights Night
  • V-382 After the RainCOMING SOON V-382
    After the Rain
  • V-8806 Tree Fleur Sombre COMING SOON V-8806
    Tree Fleur Sombre
  • V-8808 Plummet Magnolia COMING SOON V-8808
    Plummet Magnolia
  • V-2025 Nesting Blooms Warm COMING SOON V-2025
    Nesting Blooms Warm
  • V-2026 Aves Chatter Dim COMING SOON V-2026
    Aves Chatter Dim
  • V-720 Floral AsphaltCOMING SOON V-720
    Floral Asphalt
  • V-1222 Spirodraft OcreCOMING SOON V-1222
    Spirodraft Ocre
  • V-2224 Floret Stains MulberryCOMING SOON V-2224
    Floret Stains Mulberry
  • V-554 Triangle TokensNEW V-554
    Triangle Tokens
  • V-4600 Floral Floats FreshNEW V-4600
    Floral Floats Fresh
  • V-5607 Budquette NightfallNEW V-5607
    Budquette Nightfall
  • V-101 Wild Beauty PineappleV-101
    Wild Beauty Pineapple
  • V-102 Geisha BlissV-102
    Geisha Bliss
  • V-103 Mojave IlluminatedV-103
    Mojave Illuminated
  • V-100 Millefiori CreamV-100
    Millefiori Cream
  • V-111 Praline HoneyV-111
    Praline Honey
  • V-114 Fashionable Azure V-114
    Fashionable Azure
  • V-115 Impressions Sachet V-115
    Impressions Sachet
  • V-116 Impressions Beige V-116
    Impressions Beige
  • V-118 Branch Silhouette Blue V-118
    Branch Silhouette Blue
  • V-131 Mystic Blanc V-131
    Mystic Blanc

100% PIMA Cotton  |  52/53" (133 cm) Wide  |  Made in Korea

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  • FABRIC CARE Machine wash warm, normal cycle. Use only non-chlorine bleach.
    Tumble dry low. Use warm iron. Fabrics are not intended for children's sleepwear.