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Sunkissed Palette

  • SML-100 Beyond Bliss Ginger Pink Flower Fabric SwatchSML-100
    Beyond Bliss Ginger
  • SML-101 Daydreaming Sunshine Floral Fabric SwatchSML-101
    Daydreaming Sunshine
  • SML-102 Swept Away Serenity Fabric Swatch SML-102
    Swept Away Serenity
  • SML-103 Tokens of Love Pink Bouquet Fabric Swatch SML-103
    Tokens of Love Pink
  • SML-104 Passionate Spirit Teal Fabric Swatch SML-104
    Passionate Spirit Teal
  • SML-105 Malibu Kiss Pink Swirl Fabric Swatch SML-105
    Malibu Kiss
  • SML-106 Malibu Haze Fabric Swatch SML-106
    Malibu Haze
  • SML-107 Naivety Berry Small Flowers Fabric Swatch SML-107
    Naivety Berry
  • SML-108 Sweet Days Seashell Fabric Swatch SML-108
    Sweet Days Seashell
  • SML-109 Retro Harmony Sugar Fabric Swatch SML-109
    Retro Harmony Sugar


Blue Cruch Palette

  • SML-200 Beyond Bliss Tangerine Blue Flower Fabric Swatch SML-200
    Beyond Bliss Tangerine
  • SML-201 Daydreaming Ocean Floral Fabric Swatch SML-201
    Daydreaming Ocean
  • SML-202 Swept Away Intensity Fabric Swatch SML-202
    Swept Away Intensity
  • SML-203 Tokens of Love Aqua Bouquet Fabric Swatch SML-203
    Tokens of Love Aqua
  • SML-204 Passionate Spirit Peach Fabric Swatch SML-204
    Passionate Spirit Peach
  • SML-205 Malibu Sun Swirl Fabric Swatch SML-205
    Malibu Sun
  • SML-207 Naivety Cream Little Buds Fabric Swatch SML-207
    Naivety Cream
  • SML-208 Sweet Days Mist Squares Fabric Swatch SML-208
    Sweet Days Mist
  • SML-209 Retro Harmony Spice Fabric Swatch SML-209
    Retro Harmony Spice
  • SML-210 Retro Harmony Cocoa Fabric Swatch SML-210
    Retro Harmony Cocoa

100% PIMA Cotton  |  44/45" (114 cm) Wide  |  Made in Korea

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  • FABRIC CARE Machine wash warm, normal cycle. Use only non-chlorine bleach.
    Tumble dry medium. Use warm iron. Fabrics are not intended for children's sleepwear.