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HeartBreaker Palette

  • RR-4400 Wild Heart Daring Flower Fabric SwatchRR-4400
    Wild Heart Daring
  • RR-4401 Stardust Dawn Fabric SwatchRR-4401
    Stardust Dawn
  • RR-4402 Retro Glam Ruby Fabric Swatch RR-4402
    Retro Glam Ruby
  • RR-4403 Haze of Rock Fabric Swatch RR-4403
    Haze of Rock
  • RR-4404 Rebel Cherie Kisses Fabric Swatch RR-4404
    Rebel Cherie Kisses
  • RR-4405 Vinyl Charms Scarlet Fabric Swatch RR-4405
    Vinyl Charms Scarlet
  • RR-4406 Ashen Rose Smoke Fabric Swatch RR-4406
    Ashen Rose Smoke
  • RR-4407 Playground Love Sugar Fabric Swatch RR-4407
    Playground Love Sugar
  • RR-4408 Stardust Twilight Fabric Swatch RR-4408
    Stardust Twilight
  • RR-4409 Femme Metale Chrome Flower Bouquet Fabric Swatch RR-4409
    Femme Metale Chrome



dream voyage

  • RR-4500 Wild Heart Spirited Fabric Swatch RR-4500
    Wild Heart Spirited
  • RR-4501 Stardust Dusk Fabric Swatch RR-4501
    Stardust Dusk
  • RR-4502 Retro Glam Plum Fabric Swatch RR-4502
    Retro Glam Plum
  • RR-4503 Haze of Love Little flowers Fabric Swatch RR-4503
    Haze of Love
  • RR-4504 Rebel Cherie Whispers Fabric Swatch RR-4504
    Rebel Cherie Whispers
  • RR-4505 Vinyl Charms Bianca Fabric Swatch RR-4505
    Vinyl Charms Bianca
  • RR-4506 Ashen Rose Shimmer Purple Floral Fabric Swatch RR-4506
    Ashen Rose Shimmer
  • RR-4507 Playground Love Spice Textile Swatch RR-4507
    Playground Love Spice
  • RR-4508 Stardust Midnight Fabric Swatch RR-4508
    Stardust Midnight
  • RR-4509 Femme Metale Steel Bouquet Fabric Swatch RR-4509
    Femme Metale Steel

100% PIMA Cotton  |  44/45" (114 cm) Wide  |  Made in Korea

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  • FABRIC CARE Machine wash warm, normal cycle. Use only non-chlorine bleach.
    Tumble dry medium. Use warm iron. Fabrics are not intended for children's sleepwear.