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Reminisce - Vivid Reflections Palette

  • RMS-1500 Sweet Nostalgia Vintage Fabric SwatchRMS-1500
    Sweet Nostalgia Vintage
  • RMS-1501 Keepsakes Sage Fabric SwatchRMS-1501
    Keepsakes Sage
  • RMS-1502 Timeless Rosewood Fabric Swatch RMS-1502
    Timeless Rosewood
  • RMS-1503 Sprouts of Joy Crimson Fabric Swatch RMS-1503
    Sprouts of Joy Crimson
  • RMS-1504 Pendants Sapphire Fabric Swatch RMS-1504
    Pendants Sapphire
  • RMS-1505 Branchlets Porcelain Leaf Fabric Swatch RMS-1505
    Branchlets Porcelain
  • RMS-1506 Wonderment Honey Fabric Swatch RMS-1506
    Wonderment Honey
  • RMS-1507 Freshly Picked Mint Fabric Swatch RMS-1507
    Freshly Picked Mint
  • RMS-1508 Meadow of Dew Fabric Swatch RMS-1508
    Meadow of Dew
  • RMS-1509 Enamored Cranberry Fabric Swatch RMS-1509
    Enamored Cranberry



Reminisce - Sweet Reveries Palette

  • RMS-2500 Sweet Nostalgia Antique Textile Swatch RMS-2500
    Sweet Nostalgia Antique
  • RMS-2501 Keepsakes Rosemary Textile Swatch RMS-2501
    Keepsakes Rosemary
  • RMS-2502 Timeless Fair Green Textile Swatch RMS-2502
    Timeless Fair Green
  • RMS-2503 Sprouts of Joy Ivy Textile Swatch RMS-2503
    Sprouts of Joy Ivy
  • RMS-2504 Pendants Limestone Textile Swatch RMS-2504
    Pendants Limestone
  • RMS-2505 Branchlets Charming Fabric Swatches RMS-2505
    Branchlets Charming
  • RMS-2506 Wonderment Teaberry Fabric Swatches RMS-2506
    Wonderment Teaberry
  • RMS-2507 Freshly Picked Sherbet Fabric Swatches RMS-2507
    Freshly Picked Sherbet
  • RMS-2508 Meadow of Gold Fabric Swatches RMS-2508
    Meadow of Gold
  • RMS-2509 Enamored Melon Floral Fabric Swatches RMS-2509
    Enamored Melon

100% PIMA Cotton  |  44/45" (114 cm) Wide  |  Made in Korea

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  • FABRIC CARE Machine wash warm, normal cycle. Use only non-chlorine bleach.
    Tumble dry medium. Use warm iron. Fabrics are not intended for children's sleepwear.