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Legacy - Topaz Traditions Palette

  • LGY-8300 Familiar Roots WillowLGY-8300
    Familiar Roots Willow
  • LGY-8301 Traces of StillwaterLGY-8301
    Traces of Stillwater
  • LGY-8302 Grand Mosaic Blue LGY-8302
    Grand Mosaic Blue
  • LGY-8303 Stitched Heritage Glow LGY-8303
    Stitched Heritage Glow
  • LGY-8304 Lineage Terra LGY-8304
    Lineage Terra
  • LGY-8305 Drawn Destiny Denim LGY-8305
    Drawn Destiny Denim
  • LGY-8306 Ancestree Foliage LGY-8306
    Ancestree Foliage
  • LGY-8307 Décoratifs Lemon LGY-8307
    Décoratifs Lemon
  • LGY-8308 Genealogy Azul LGY-8308
    Genealogy Azul
  • LGY-8309 Genealogy Oro LGY-8309
    Genealogy Oro



Legacy - Jade Inheritance Palette

  • LGY-9300 Familiar Roots Birch LGY-9300
    Familiar Roots Birch
  • LGY-9301 Traces of Teal LGY-9301
    Traces of Teal
  • LGY-9302 Grand Mosaic Lime LGY-9302
    Grand Mosaic Lime
  • LGY-9303 Stitched Heritage Shadow LGY-9303
    Stitched Heritage Shadow
  • LGY-9304 Lineage Aqua LGY-9304
    Lineage Aqua
  • LGY-9305 Drawn Destiny Linen LGY-9305
    Drawn Destiny Linen
  • LGY-9306 Ancestree Mineral LGY-9306
    Ancestree Mineral
  • LGY-9307 Décoratifs Spearmint LGY-9307
    Décoratifs Spearmint
  • LGY-9310 Classic Tiles Mist LGY-9310
    Classic Tiles Mist
  • LGY-9311 Classic Tiles Custard LGY-9311
    Classic Tiles Custard

100% PIMA Cotton  |  44/45" (114 cm) Wide  |  Made in Korea

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  • FABRIC CARE Machine wash warm, normal cycle. Use only non-chlorine bleach.
    Tumble dry medium. Use warm iron. Fabrics are not intended for children's sleepwear.